International Virtual Transition Program (IVTP)

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This 8 week virtual internship program for nurses relocating to USA to work as a nurse. This program integrates online classes, virtual mentoring sessions, and career advising sessions as well as a holistic approach to mentoring and development. Additional holistic resources will be offered to our interns. An innovative way to gain the required knowledge, enhance the professional skills and increase leadership opportunities for healthcare professionals that have decided to migrate to the United States for employment. Experience is tailored towards the foreign educated nurse's goals and needs. During this internship you will work closely with an assigned mentor during weekly virtual mentoring sessions. Virtual mentoring session will be scheduled by internet conference software. Interns will spend around 5 hours a week on assigned work, reading and classes. On the end of the experience you will receive a certificate of completion of the International Virtual Internship Program (IVIP).

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Dr. Klaudia Ćwiękała-Lewis


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