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Announcing our Safe Support Group

We created this safe space to support and empower each other. We have experienced nurses, novice nurses, student nurses, nursing assistants, nurse managers, nursing professors, bedside nurses and all other nurses joining this group.

You can only join this group my adding your email address and being accepted by administration, as we want our nurses to be able to speak freely about what bothers them most, ask clinical questions and learn from each other.

One rule, we uphold patient confidentiality, thus, we will not share: any patient information such as names, initials, birth dates, or names of places we work. You may share your stories and clinical questions but replace your employment place and patient name initials with fake information. You may share the state you are in or country.

No cursing or disrespectful language will be tolerate, if you are frustrated use your clean words to describe your emotions.

Please know there are no stupid questions; if you struggling with understanding something that happens to you during your practice, share it with the others. I assure you are not the only one. Our panel of mentors are here willing to support novice nurses, experienced nurses, nurses seeking more education and clarification to problems they may experience on a daily basis.

Join us here:

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