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Translate Nursing Welcomes You

The mission: Take a CHARGE of your own well-being.

Vision statement: To provide the necessary education and resources to promote healthy living, awareness, and cultural diversity through a holistic approach and global integration for all nurses.

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Who We Are

By nurses for nurses. Here at Translate Nursing, we mentor each other to become better clinicians and advocate for individuals, communities, and populations that we support through health and illness. We utilize our talents and empower each other to grow as nurses internationally. Based on your feedback we create education available to all nurses globally. Click below to share your idea on how could we support you, what education and services would you like to see, or if you are willing to share your talents with other nurses globally.


What We Do

Not-for-profit organizations created by nurses for nurses providing mentoring, educating, translating, and community engagement opportunities. We create education that is then translated to other languages to reach more nurses, patients, and communities globally. We provide international mentoring and professional image consultation services to all nurses. Through social media, we created a network of nurses that support each other, and who share their knowledge, research, and other talents with each other. Or just to create lifelong friendships that overcome geographic and language boundaries. We also specialize in providing support to foreign-educated nurses that are transitioning to work as a nurse in the USA. All profits go to support this organization's vision, if you would like to use our service but are unable to pay please contact us, we will help.



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